Economic Promotion


- Raising awareness of foreign partners regarding Romanian realities, stimulating climate for business and investment, as well as priority areas where their participation is desired;

- Undertaking promotional activities to public and private bodies in order to direct towards Romania a larger volume of capital investments;

- Organizing meetings with businessmen in the country of residence for diseminating economic, financial, legal, etc information and signals, to stimulate their interest in developing relations with partners from Romania.

 - Assisting Romanian economic operators for checking the creditworthiness of companies they propose or be proposed as a partner;

- Providing expert advice and assistance for interested partners, in strict accordance with legal regulations and international trade standards and practices. It will be considered the provisions of the bilateral and/or multilateral agreements with impact on trade relations with the country of residence;

- Providing specialized assistance to government institutions, NGOs and Romanian companies, at their request, to set up contacts in the country of residence, to materialize commercial transactions and cooperation, including on third markets. Providing assistance to local economic operators which want to import from Romania;

- Supporting the organization of promotional activities aimed at increasing exports through:

  • active participation in implementing the fairs and exhibitions program in their residence country and submitting proposals for participation to those activities with impact on Romanian exports, both with national pavilions or within the promotional programs of other institutions, organizations or even of Romanian companies;
  • submitting proposals for organizing specialized economic missions, conferences, mini-exhibitions, including by using possible existing available space within diplomatic missions;
  • providing specialized assistance to Romanian delegations visiting the market of residence for export promotion activities, including support for Romanian companies in getting information on the methodology and costs for setting up and operating their own commercial offices in the country of residence.

- Diversification of trade in goods and services with the country of residence, aiming at ensuring the balance of trade and payments balance.

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